Okfuskee Whiskey

James Robert Webb is excited to announce a Made In Oklahoma partnership Red Fork Distillery to bring you Okfuskee Whiskey. The micro-distillery made, small batch, 100-proof, un-aged white whiskey will be craft distilled using an all-copper still.

“We chose this to work with Red Fork Distillery because, as Tulsa’s first legal distillery since Prohibition, they were able to craft an excellent and authentic version of “Okfuskee Whiskey.”  It’s as close as you can get to that mythical moonshine in the song legally.”

Whiskey drinking fans will soon be able to take a shot of the real stuff at local venues–projected launch available summer of 2022.

While you’re waiting, you can get your own Okfuskee Whiskey tee shirt, or check out the official music video for Okfuskee Whiskey by James Robert Webb, approaching one million views on Youtube.

Click here to visit Red Fork Distillery online.